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What is animal-free whey protein?

Animal-free whey protein is dairy-identical whey protein that’s made without any animal inputs whatsoever. Our animal-free whey protein ingredient is made by our partners Perfect Day. Learn more about their process here.

How does this compare to regular whey protein? 

V-Whey’s animal-free whey protein ingredient is bioidentical to whey protein from cows. In addition to having up to 23g of complete protein per serving, V-Whey has up to 5g of naturally-occurring BCAAs (3 essential amino acids that help support protein synthesis) per serving.

How is V-Whey vegan friendly if it contains milk protein? 

V-Whey is made by microflora, with zero animals used anywhere in the process. Because the animal-free whey protein ingredient is bioidentical to whey protein from cows, we add a “contains milk allergen” declaration to the front and back of our packaging as part of our commitment to consumer safety.

What is microflora? 

Microflora, or flora for short, are central to our process for making animal-free dairy protein. The exact definition of microflora is microscopic flora or a small or strictly localized flora. Perfect Day’s flora are the microscopic organisms at the heart of our fermentation process that makes animal-free dairy protein. When we refer to microflora, we are intentionally being a bit general. Microflora is an umbrella term that covers all of the microorganisms we can use to make the molecules we need. In our case it is a fungus. The fungus we use today to make milk protein has long been known to live in soils, and was discovered as a top contender for making bioproducts during World War II in the islands of the South Pacific.

Is V-Whey lactose free? 

Yes, V-Whey is 100% lactose free. 

Is V-Whey gluten free?

Yes, V-Whey is 100% gluten free.

Why should I switch to V-Whey from my favorite protein powder? 

Our protein powder has all of the benefits from your favorite protein with far less environmental impact. Compared to whey protein from cows, V-Whey’s animal-free whey protein creates up to 97% less greenhouse gas emissions and uses up to 99% less water and up to 60% less non-renewable energy. And because there are no animal products used, V-Whey is 100% hormone-free. 

Compared with plant-based protein, V-Whey is actually whey protein (just made through fermentation, not animals). Because our non-animal whey protein is bioidentical to whey protein from cows, we have a better amino acid profile and a higher protein content than plant-based protein powder.

Does V-Whey contain GMOs?

No, V-Whey does not contain GMOs. While bioengineering is part of the process used by our partners at Perfect Day in producing the animal-free whey protein, our protein powder does not contain GMOs. Learn more here.

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