Crush your workout,
not the planet.

Animal-free whey protein coming soon.

California Performance Co. Singapore

The world's first animal-free whey protein is in Singapore. Discover our new Stainless-steel shakers. 

gluten free whey protein

Gluten free

hormone free whey protein

Hormone free

lactose free whey protein singapore

Lactose free

vegan friendly whey protein

Vegan friendly

Get Strong.
Be Kind.

We created V-Whey because we believe that we can all be at our best while still doing the best for our planet.

Our whey protein is real dairy but with a difference. It has the same performance power but zero animal ingredients and a lower environmental impact. So that’s a workout for you, and a win for the world.

About Us
animal free vegan protein singapore
animal free vegan protein singapore

This is Whey
Protein 2.0

Our dairy protein is made by microflora, not cows, so it’s completely vegan friendly. It’s also free from lactose, gluten, hormones and soy.

Our Process

All Gain.
No Pain.

As creamy and rich as standard whey protein, V-Whey doesn’t just improve performance and recovery, it tastes seriously good too. Find your favorite from Mixed Berry, Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Sundae, and discover complete protein that’s completely delicious.

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animal free vegan protein singapore


The future of performance protein. Coming soon.

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